Antibiotics for Cats & Dogs?

Answer Veterinarians prescribe antibiotics for dogs and cats when it is fairly certain that the pet is suffering from some type of infection, usually bacterial. Antibiotics are not useful if the infection... Read More »

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Injectable Antibiotics for Cats?

An antibiotic is a drug normally used to treat infection by preventing bacterial growth. There are many antibiotics on the market for cats, some of which are available in a liquid, injectable for... Read More »

Oral Antibiotics for Cats?

As defined by Pet, "an antibiotic is a chemical substance that either kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms." We take them when we have a bacterial infection and so can our c... Read More »

Antibiotics for Cats Without a Prescription?

To many cat owners, their pets are more like family members than simply a cute, cuddly diversion that happens to live in the same house. If you feel this way, then you know how important keeping yo... Read More »

Antibiotics for URIs in Cats?

Feline upper respiratory infection, known as URI, is a highly contagious viral infection that is particularly prevalent in animal and rescue shelters and catteries. Feline herpes and calicivirus ac... Read More »