Anti virus scanner for free. Not JUST ANY SCANNER.?

Answer Go to Norton's website here:…When it comes up go to "Continue with security scan" it should load up and scan your pc for viruses with the norton servers.I... Read More »

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Anti virus scanner 4 free?

Get AVAST and you won't need aspirins to solve your headaches either. AVG is good but doesn't find the newer trojans etc... AVAST will and it is totally FREE and you can even register one full year... Read More »

What is the best free anti-virus scanner so far?

Avast is the best, it updates daily, I've been using it for years.DO NOT USE AVG OR AVIRA, THEY TRACK YOUR ACTIVITIES AND YOU CANNOT REMOVE THEM, EVER.

What is the best FREE Anti Virus and Trojen scanner ?

Get one of these anti-virus listed below.All these anti-virus work very well,they are the leaders in the current market.Kaspersky anti-virus:http://kaspersky.anti-virus-download-onl…MacroVirus an... Read More »

What are some free anti virus scanner i need suggestions from you thank u?…… (Avria)…***Never use more than one, active, anti-virus program at an... Read More »