Anti-virus programs wont open?

Answer just leave it alone and download an other one

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Malwarebytes wont detect " anti virus soft" virus, how do i get rid of it?

dear, have you updated the Malware Database? if you have not, then updating it asap will fix your issues i believe.If you have but are not being able to get rid of the issue, i suggest Bit Defender... Read More »

How Do Anti-Virus Programs Detect & Identify a Virus?

Anti-virus programs detects a virus in two ways. The first is through a list or database of known viruses that are encoded into their signature or pattern files. The second is through a complex pro... Read More »

My computer has a virus, and whenever I try to open my anti-virus software, it closes up. What do I do?

My sophos anti virus wont scan?

Uninstall the program and reinstall it. If the problem persists, uninstall Sophos and opt for another virus scanner.I use AVG Free myself.