Anti-Social Networking: QUICK! How do I get rid of my Face Book account?

Answer If you deactivate your account from your Security Settings page, your profile (timeline) and all information associated with it disappears from the Facebook service immediately. People on Facebook ... Read More »

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Do you have an account with more than one social networking site?

Yup!Facebook since late 2010.Twitter since early 2011.Instagram since mid 2012.Tumblr since mid 2012.I'm not sure if you would consider YouTube a social network, but I made an account in May 2012. ... Read More »

Does this mean someone tried to log into my social networking website account?

yes, that's usually what it means - someone is trying to guess your passwordand since you are asking, make sure you are not using the same password for your email account, or you will lose that too... Read More »

Poll: What social networking sites do you have an account on?

I have an account for everything although the only ones I use still are Facebook, YouTube and twitter(google +, but rarely used) although I also have clubpenguin, habbo hotel, myspace, bebo, and a ... Read More »

How to Protect Your Social Networking Account Against Hackers/Crackers?

The World's Largest Networking Site with more than 600M members and still counting!Nowadays nearly everybody has a social networking account such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc... Today you wil... Read More »