Anthracnose Disease in Poa Grass?

Answer Poa grass is the common name for annual bluegrass (Poa annua). Though annual bluegrass is among the common weeds in landscapes and turf, several members of the poa family, such as Kentucky bluegras... Read More »

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My Maple Tree Has Anthracnose Disease?

Maple trees with anthracnose disease experience a wide variety of health problems. Anthracnose disease is caused by fungal spores that infect the leaves and twigs of maple trees. It is important fo... Read More »

Is anthracnose disease a killer or can it be cured?

Anthracnose, often called leaf, shoot, bud or twig blight is actually a group of diseases resulting from fungi including Crypocline, Discula, Glomerella, and Gnomonia species. The pathogens infect ... Read More »

Disease in Zoysia Grass?

Zoysia grass is a highly adaptable species of grass that makes an ideal lawn grass. Zoysia can be grown in all types of soil and it is extremely drought tolerant. There are several diseases that ca... Read More »

Centipede Grass Disease?

Centipede grass was brought to the United States from China and Southeast Asia around 1916. It is a slow-growing, creeping grass that has short stems that stick upward, thus the "centipede" label. ... Read More »