Ant Mounds in Grass?

Answer Though ant mounds in lawn grass generally are harmless, they are unsightly and make maintenance more difficult. A number of different types of ants can make their nests in your grass. Once establis... Read More »

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What are Ant Mounds Made Out of?

Ants are known for building large mounds in grassy areas on nearly all parts of the Earth. These mounds may seem like nothing more than piles of dirt, but they are actually feats of natural enginee... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Small Dirt Mounds in a Lawn?

An ant infestation is the most common cause of small dirt mounds to start popping up in your lawn. If you allow these dirt mounds to stick around, the ant colony will continue to thrive. You might ... Read More »

What makes mounds of sticks?

Use the information shown here to help you:…

How do termites build their mounds?

Termites live in colonies that can number more than a million insects. In order to house so many termites, they build giant mounds.TypesTo build their mounds, termites harvest raw materials like mu... Read More »