Answer some Makeup questions!?

Answer 1. Whenever I'm going out in public or when there are guests over, which is basically everyday.2. I started wearing makeup at age 11.3. The first type of makeup I wore was lipgloss, powder, and mas... Read More »

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Please answer these makeup questions!!?

for the first 2 BUT ELF I REPEAT BUY ELF the products come in descent quality for begginers and they DO NOT test on animals (sold in target). for the last one i suggest any mascara by maybelline bu... Read More »

Some name questions. Can you answer them?

1. I like Caroline, its not my favourite & i actually like Coraline alot better, but still its a nice, simple feminine name, not crazy & trying to be `youneeik` its overall a nice name :)2. Im not ... Read More »

Can you answer some of my Harry Potter questions,please?

1. Ignotus Peverell, the owner of the Invisibility Cloak, was an ancestor of the Potter family. Thus, the cloak went from generation to generation, and it was given to James Potter by his own fathe... Read More »

Why do some people not choose a best answer to their questions?

2 possible reason seems rather obvious: >> some happens to be lazy sods>> others are not quite fortunate enough to see any answer that satisfies themIn my case, however, I tend to take my time in r... Read More »