Answer quickly, school tomorrow. What should I do about my jaw?

Answer Ice, asprin, that's all I can think of. Maybe something hot like tea. Best to seek medical advice if it persists.

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Urgent! please answer quickly! about a firefox window?

No. Closing the Window will lose any changes.~

What should I wear to school tomorrow?

Wear what ever makes you feel comftorable . :) thats what i do.

Should I go to school tomorrow?

Did you miss school the past few days when you weren't feeling well. If you have been sick for that long, you should probably stay home and go to the doctors so they can see what's going on. They c... Read More »

I'm kind of nervous about my first day of school tomorrow :(?

i set my self a target of what i want to have completed by when, it's a good motivator as you tick each task off. example research nutrition - 1/1/09 write up nutrition notes into assignment - 17/1... Read More »