Another superman movie!?

Answer Once I had profound love for Superman Series. But, so many superheros emerge over time. Now, I don't feel that much thrill for Superman anymore.

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Who plays Superman in the movie"Superman Returns"?

According to the Internet Movie Database, Superman was played by Brandon Routh in 2006's "Superman Returns." Routh took over the role from the late Christopher Reeve, who played Superman in four pr... Read More »


There's a chance the film might be changing things from the comics.But him as a fisherman is probably early in his time as an adult where he's still trying to find himself and where he belongs.That... Read More »

Which is the best movie, Batman, Superman Returns, or Spiderman?

-Batman Begins is an outstanding movie.Spiderman (2 more than 1) these are the best movies that I don't like. Parker is just too much of a wimp.Superman Returns blew chunks. The Story was bad, the ... Read More »

Any experiences on the Superman Escape at Movie World?

your so lucky i love the gold coast especially movie world!!!! DO NOT CHICKEN OUT it is the best ride ( in australia) ever, seriouslly i was shitting myself but once your on and youve been on it on... Read More »