Another name for being drunk?

Answer BuckledHammeredIn the Jigs In the horrorsPissedLockedStociousI should know, I'm Irish....hehehe

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How to Enjoy Being Drunk?

Have you ever been drunk but you just wanted to go ahead and get it over with because it made you feel so horrible? Have you ever wanted to just get it over with? If you answered yes, then just rea... Read More »

How do i stop being drunk?

Coors cutters? That's some hard stuff right there!I'd suggest some coffee, but you dont' drink it. So, Have an aspirin and a long nap. When you're up to it, get your kids to make you a play doh piz... Read More »

How can I hide being drunk?

I drink everday starting about noon I have a few hard liquor mixed drinks then I go back to work. Takes practice but I act normal LOL. Practice makes perfect baby

What are the symptoms of being drunk?

Physical Signs and Symptoms An intoxicated person may display several physical signs and symptoms. Common physical symptoms include smelling of alcohol, involuntary eye movements, bloodshot ... Read More »