Another C++ question..does this look right?

Answer Declaring 2 variables of the same name (even if they have different datatypes) is not allowed in C/C++.All you need to do is this:int main(){int months = 2;return 0;}

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What could be causing this: I just got a headache on my right side and my right eye is having vision?

Really Olga,trolling eyecare.Which one is glass?

I know another mom has just done this...are you doing this too?

Can you helpim pregnant about 2 months but i feel i am more than this.i feel moveing everyday.and my belly is rock soild.and big.this is my 4th child ive only missed 1 periodso can this be right?

Answer I think that you should go and visit a doctor and have a scan becayse it's possible for some women to have their normal ciclus but still be pregnant. It hapens very rarly but you never kn... Read More »

When you cross the road do you look left, right then left or right, left then right?

i like to look up, down, then up again