Anorexic vs. obesity?

Answer Obese girl for sure.

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Pug Dog Obesity?

So your pug may be a bit portly. For many owners, it just adds to the dog's overall charm---especially when you consider those saucer-like eyes and adorable expressions they're so adept at using to... Read More »

How to Deal With Obesity?

Learn to love yourself and be happy even if you have flawsYou've realized that you're not at a healthy weight. You want to lose weight, but everybody keeps saying really nasty things which makes yo... Read More »

What does morbid obesity mean?

According to the Mayo Clinic, morbid obesity means a person has a body-mass index greater than 40. Body mass index is a measurement of a person's weight in proportion to height. For a body mass ind... Read More »

What rhymes with obesity?