Anorexia; was it all worth it?

Answer i'm so pleased for you, i havn't sufferd from this but i like your story :)

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How to Understand Anorexia?

So you have an anorexic relative or friend. Think it's uncommon? Think again. In the UK, at least 1000 people die a year from this mental illness, and over 5 million have suffered it. The national ... Read More »

How to Overcome Anorexia?

If you are not eating - or not eating enough - the rest of the world seems insane and you are the only sane person in it. I f you are also tripping on diet pills, the contrast is even greater.Howev... Read More »

Symptoms of anorexia?

Poor or distorted body image/obsession with food/irrational fear of weight gain/etc.See the DSM-IV criteria:…

Anorexia How do they do it?

as a person who has been anorexic i can tell you that it is not a conscious decision,you do not wake up and think today is going to be the day i starve myself, it just happens, you look in the mirr... Read More »