Anorexia question for school info?

Answer Anorexic food behavior signs and symptomsDieting despite being thin – Following a severely restricted diet. Eating only certain low-calorie foods. Banning “bad” foods such as carbohydrates an... Read More »

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Anorexia rexovery question?

Yes do what your doctor says, that should be obvious.

TTC question with too much info Hubby performance issues...?

its perfectly normal, i know when we first started trying my hubby had the same problem, as soon as he knew he needed to perform, well jack went into hibernation half way through.Remember its not y... Read More »

Does this seem good for a high school party Need some info?

that can be enough liquor for young'uns but a dub is never enough! Especially for more than 10 people

How can you get info in the mail about colleges if your a freshman in high school?

A freshmen or freshman is a 9th grader (first year of high school).Both are correct.Freshmen is plural: "The Freshmen sit in the first rows at the game."Freshman is singular: "The student waiting i... Read More »