Anorexia How long would it take Need serious help...?

Answer Anorexia is a whole different thing than just wanting to lose weight fast. Anorexia is hell. It will never ever go away. You could die. I almost did. Don't be bulimic- even more dangerous. Just go ... Read More »

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How do people with Anorexia go so long without eating?

I'll try to explain the best way I can :)There is no 'purpose' to anorexia. It is a mental disorder; it distorts the views of a person so that whenever they look in the mirror, they see a fat perso... Read More »

Do i have anorexia?

You don't say how tall you for the hair, thats because you aren't getting all your nutrients, vitamins, etc, that we get from meal a day isn't going to provide you with everyt... Read More »

Does anorexia ACTUALLY help you?

its bad 4 u apparentlytho ive tried not eatin 4 a whole day and i didnt lose ANY weight watsoever :(

Will I get fat (anorexia)?

Ok first off, eating disorders are scary. Have you ever thought that you could end up dying from it because your systems shut down, and you're not getting enough food to power your body through the... Read More »