Anorexia How do they do it?

Answer as a person who has been anorexic i can tell you that it is not a conscious decision,you do not wake up and think today is going to be the day i starve myself, it just happens, you look in the mirr... Read More »

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I think i have Anorexia, I took alot of tests online and they said i either have it or on the verge of it. ?

ONline health tests are bogus and not supposed to be used for self diagnosis. aren't trained to diagnose anyone. Neither are we...and neither is the internet.Anorexia is when you star... Read More »

It is known that anorexia/bulimia sufferers have bad teeth - but do they also have poor nails & hair?

every thing has an effect on every thing elses in the body. so yes anorexia/bulimia sufferers do have poor nails and hair. When I was anemic my hair was thinner and my nails broke if I looked at th... Read More »

Anorexia; was it all worth it?

i'm so pleased for you, i havn't sufferd from this but i like your story :)

Do i have anorexia?

You don't say how tall you for the hair, thats because you aren't getting all your nutrients, vitamins, etc, that we get from meal a day isn't going to provide you with everyt... Read More »