Annual check up in a few hours. I'm freaking out!?

Answer Your squeamishness about the doctor examining you "down there" is the result of your upbringing, which must have focused on the concept that "down there" is dirty or shameful or some other such non... Read More »

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How can you check status of moneygram sent 2 hours ago?

You can always call 1800 moneygram and ask them about a status on your transaction. You do not have to go to a location.

What is the annual pay of secret service agents annual pay guarding the United States President?

500 magnum, 12 gauge shotgun (stainless steel), sub machine gun primarily UZI and beretta M9.

You just changed the heating element in your water heater and hours later it is still cold you checked the breaker and that's ok Is there something else you need to check or can do?

When a heating element or a light bulb "goes bang" it often causes a fuse to blow somewhere in the circuit. A fuse can blow even if a breaker on the main panel trips, which often happens because wh... Read More »

OMG I am freaking out!!?

Would you freak out if he said its fun to tickle his feet? Or to touch his tongue to his nose? Its the exact same thing, its not sexual.You can attempt to instill a sense of "private" vs public beh... Read More »