Annoying LG monitor flicker?

Answer Hi,You could try changing the refresh rate on the pc and the monitor to see if that helps.Failing that take it to a tv repair shop.Arnak

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Why does my monitor always flicker every once in a while.?

You do not need a new one wat you need to do is to go into your settings for the monitor and move the resolution one place and the flickering should stop mine used to do it too.

I could use some advice, my screen monitor has an annoying color problem.?

Since you've ruled out faulty cables, it is most likely a capacitor problem that is causing your LCD screen to behave the way it does. The periodic nature of the problem points to this possibility.

Who makes flicker free 3D tvs Are Samsung 3D tvs flicker free?

Any 3D television bought today should be flicker free including Samsung. The best way to find out is to experience a range of brands and models. Believe your eyes rather than the LG claim that all ... Read More »

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