Ankle still swollen after 4 weeks 10 points for best answer!!!?

Answer Sprains can take a long time to heal fully. What you are experiencing isn't uncommon. Sprains can take upto 12 weeks to heal fully, sometimes longer.Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevation are the best ... Read More »

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Try your best to stay off your feet as much as possible today. Put Rubbing alcohol to see if that soothes the pain. Also try a hot bath. If none of things work i would suggest a Doctor. Hope u feel... Read More »

My girlfriend tonsils are really sore and they are extremly swollen(10 points best answer)?

sounds like strep throat. Did they put her on antibiotics?if she is on a penicillin like drug no need to go back to the ER, it will take some time to get better, maybe 48 hours. Make sure she tak... Read More »

12 Weeks post ankle ORIF for bimalleolar ankle fracture, discontinuous mild pain in the ankle, is it serious?

Tripped and my ankle started to hurt a little and now my ankle is it sprained .if how long 2 heal?

I have some experience here. I played football through college and had alot of sprains. I would guess its sprained but can not know for certain without looking at it. None the less, Ice will help i... Read More »