Animals With Night Vision?

Answer Many nocturnal creatures have disproportionally large eyes in comparison to their body size. These huge eyes help collect and retain light, aiding in strong night vision. A reflective membrane in t... Read More »

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Animals With Good Night Vision?

Most nocturnal animals have the ability to see well in the dark, which makes it easier for them to sneak up on unsuspecting prey. Their pupils dilate to allow maximal light exposure. Animals with ... Read More »

How to Capture Wildlife with Night-Vision Binoculars?

While the dedicated and keen-eyed observer can see much wildlife during the day (with a little luck thrown into the mix), many animals, including most large mammals, are more active at night or twi... Read More »

Canon XSI, night vision with moving subjects and lights?

Use a high ISO, the xsi goes all the way up to 1600. Also, make sure the shutter speed is not too long because the longer the shutter is open the more likely you will move and cause the image to be... Read More »

What's a decent, affordable camera with night vision?