Animals That Only Walk on Their Hind Legs?

Answer Certain creatures other than humans have the ability to use their hind legs. Flightless birds -- which eons ago were four-legged creatures -- depend upon their hind legs to ambulate because their w... Read More »

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How to Teach A Dog to Jump Towards You from the Hind Legs?

Imagine your dog standing on her hind legs, jumping towards you on command. This trick is quite difficult to teach the dog, but will impress your friends for sure.

Most boys at my daughter's school walk around with their boners coming out the top of their jeans. Is that bad?

No not bad, but you did remind me of an old boyfriend.

How to Get a Cow With Nerve Damage to Her Hind Legs from a Long Birth or Hard Pull to Stand Up?

Sometimes after a long, hard birth where a cow tries to have a large calf without help and he's in the birth canal too long, or after a hard pull with the pressure of a large calf coming through th... Read More »

Do women shave their armpits and legs girl and women only!!!?

Yes, girls and women do. Men only shave their legs if they are swimmers otherwise u leave the hair. armpits are about everyday,legs skip a day and then shave them or shave them everyday.