Animals That Live in the Forest for Kids?

Answer The eastern forests of North America are temperate deciduous forests. They have a cool, rainy climate that suits the deciduous trees that grow there, shedding their leaves in fall and growing them ... Read More »

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What Animals Live in a Temperate Forest?

Much of the world's forested areas fall under the temperate biome category. Temperate forests consist of deciduous trees such as maples, birches and oaks. These perennial trees lose their foliage e... Read More »

What Animals Live in the Kelp Forest?

Kelp is a type of large brown seaweed. Buoyed by air-filled pockets called air bladders, kelp grows toward the surface of the water and forms kelp forests. Because of kelp's need for light, it grow... Read More »

What Animals Live in the Forest Biome?

Forest biomes cover about 1/3 of the earth's land area and are classified within three major types: tropical, temperate and boreal, or taiga. The type of forest is highly dependent on its latitude,... Read More »

Rain Forest Animals for Kids?

Tropical rain forests are dense forests located close to the Equator on many continents. The biggest is the Amazon rain forest in South America. Rain forests have a high annual rainfall and are hot... Read More »