Animals & Plants in the Central American Rainforest?

Answer Covering less than 2 percent of the planet, rainforests are home to more than 50 percent of all plants and animals on the Earth. Central American rainforests are warm and wet environments with thic... Read More »

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Animals That Live in the Central American Atlantic Rainforest?

The lowland Central American Atlantic slopes of altitudes below 1500 feet, consisting of southern portions of Nicaragua, parts of Costa Rica and almost all of Panama, together form the Isthmian-Atl... Read More »

Rainforest Plants & Animals for Kids?

Rain forest plants and animals abound in great diversity, making them ideal subjects for kids' research on school projects. Birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects thrive among the cacao a... Read More »

Animals & Plants Living in the Rainforest?

According to the Rainforest Alliance, rainforests contain more than 30 million varieties of plants and animals. This includes 60 percent of all of the world's plants. These plants play a vital role... Read More »

How many species of plants&animals are there in the tropical rainforest?

Over half of all animal and plant species live in the rain forest according to common estimates. Scientists estimate more than 50 million species of invertebrate animals live in rain forests, with ... Read More »