Animals Found in Florida?

Answer The peninsular state of Florida provides warm temperatures for a variety of wildlife species, including mammals and reptiles. Florida is also a winter retreat for migratory birds seeking refuge fro... Read More »

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Animals Found in the Forest?

Take a walk through any forest and you will see a spectrum of colorful plants and animals seeking to hide in the thickness of the woods. This serene environment is home to elk, deer and other small... Read More »

Animals Found in the Humid Continental?

The humid continental climate is present in much of the United States. According to Dr. Michael Ritter at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, the humid continental climate is characterize... Read More »

Animals & Birds Found in a Forest?

The forest is an area with a high density of trees and plants that covers approximately 30 percent of the Earth's surface. Within these wooded areas are a large variety of wildlife including animal... Read More »

What Animals Are Found in Tanzania?

Tanzania is an African nation near other countries such as Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Natives and visitors alike can enjoy a variety of scenic views in Tanzania, as the country contains beaches, mou... Read More »