Animal Projects for Kids?

Answer There is no better way for children to learn about animals than with hands-on projects. Getting outside and observing, studying or interacting with animals in their own habitat will energize childr... Read More »

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Animal Art Projects?

Children seem to have a natural love for animals. Perhaps the diversity of animals, from cuddly puppies to large elephants, captures their attention. Use art as a means of fostering a greater love ... Read More »

Preschool Animal Art Projects?

Children can learn a lot about animals by creating their likenesses in art. Instructions that show them how to form the animal's body, limbs, wings, antlers, scales, feathers, etc. give them a begi... Read More »

Ocean Animal Science Projects?

Ocean animals live in one of the largest ecosystems on Earth. The ocean is full of choices for science projects involving animals, from fish to mammals to the delicate ocean topography. Students wh... Read More »

Science Projects on an Animal Cell?

Animal cells have many components that contribute to its uniqueness. Everything from coral to humans is included in the animal cell classification. Teaching your students about animal cells gives y... Read More »