Animal & Plant Life Cycles?

Answer The life cycles of plants and animals may seem very different at first glance, but there are many biological similarities between them. Although each individual animal and plant species has its own... Read More »

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How is the knowledge of animal cycles important to the study of animal behavior?

Knowing the cycles animals undergo throughout each day and over the course of the year helps researchers study and understand animal behavior more clearly; it is important to observe an animal's ro... Read More »

Plant & Animal Pond Life?

Watching pond life is perhaps the easiest way to understand an ecosystem. During spring and summer months, a pond provides drinking water to local wildlife and in some areas provides a surface for ... Read More »

Plant & Animal Life of Europe?

Europe is drenched in forests. Mountain ranges, open valleys, meadows, lakes, rivers and streams course through the continent. Deciduous and coniferous forests hold abundant plant and animal life f... Read More »

Texas Plant and Animal Life?

According to the Nature Conservancy, Texas is the second most biologically diverse state in the country. Since Texas is nearly a thousand miles wide and almost as long, you might expect the state t... Read More »