Anglian college London has been suspended two days ago.College is responsible to refund students fee or not?

Answer Hi, I am not studying in the college, but my sister is. Its just been few months she started the course and now I came to know that the college has been suspended. Whatever happens, we must know w... Read More »

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Is London school of business management college suspended?

Tax refund for college students?

You will get a 1099-T from your school and it will show how much you paid in qualified expenses. A percentage of that can be taken a a credit on your taxes. When you pay with financial aid the sc... Read More »

Do college students receive the same size refund check every year?

Even if you make the same amount every year your refund check can be completely different. It depends on the prices of the classes your taking (classes have different costs and costs go up as well)... Read More »

I have two days to visit london then another two days in paris?

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