Angela Simmons pregnant?

Answer nono

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How did Sophie Simmons use her laptop as a Surveillance camera and be able to log into it with a friends computer to see her kitchen on Simmons Family Jewels?

yeah..... the laptop is hooked up to a surveillance camera if the have cameras that are blue tooth/wifi compatible (able to use a microchip-which means the wifi/blue tooth are able to find a laptop... Read More »

What is the origin of the name Angela?

The girl's name "Angela" is originally from the Greek language and culture. Its meaning is "heavenly light". This name reached the zenith of its American popularity in 1975, when 14,964 female infa... Read More »

Help! Angela Penbrook program?

It's easy to get your money back on these kind of scams. I'm assuming that you ordered using a credit card, but if you used a debit card, the same principals apply, it's just a little harder. Just... Read More »

How to Emulate Angela Lansbury?

Angela Lansbury who was born on October 16th 1925, is one of the most prolific actors and the most versatile. Let's explore the ways you can emulate her and what you need to do!