Anesthetic during pregnancy?

Answer Answer if you use anesthetic with delivery the baby may be alittle sleepy the first day but that's all they do the first week anyway. personal choice. joymaker rn

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Is group b strep hereditary I had it during my pregnancy will my sister have it during her pregnancy?

I had group b during my first pregnancy, but negative on my second and third. Weird huh?! It's not hereditary. It's something that comes and goes on it's own. Now it's something that they take care... Read More »

What happens when you receive general anesthetic during wisdom teeth removal while pregnant?

Answer The risks are the same as when a woman is not pregnant. I don't know any risks related toward the baby.You can do local anesthesia instead, to reduce the risks of general anesthesia.

Is it normal for your aerolas to get lighter and then darker during the day during early pregnancy?

Is it detectable during labor and after giving birth that you smoked weed during your pregnancy?

YES it is detectable and you can even tell without any tests you want to know why??? Because it affects your baby mentally and physically and in the future emotionally!!!!