Anemometer Instructions?

Answer A simple anemometer isn't very difficult to make, and while it might not be as highly calibrated as store-bought varieties, it is a lot cheaper and will give a good approximation of wind speed. The... Read More »

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Anemometer Information?

An anemometer is a device calibrated to measure the velocity or pressure of fluids (e.g. air). The etymology of the word “anemometer” can be traced back to the Greek word “Anemos” meaning w... Read More »

How to Make an Anemometer?

An anemometer is a tool made to measure the speed of wind. This anemometer should take 15-30 minutes to make. There are many different types from basic homemade ones like the one we teach you to ma... Read More »

Uses of an Anemometer?

There are two varieties of anemometer, those that measure wind speed and those that measure wind pressure. Some also show wind direction. All this data is collected for weather prediction by weathe... Read More »

Anemometer Types?

The earliest anemometer was a simple cup type, invented by Dr. John Thomas Romney Robinson in 1864. This kind of anemometer is still being used to measure wind velocity and direction. Along with th... Read More »