And is anyone having PSN Network error 80710D36 ?

Answer Same error here.There is an ongoing attack from the group called "Anonymous" on the Playstation Network right now, so that's likely the cause of it.Sony has been taking PSN offline during these eve... Read More »

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Having "connection error" on my Facebook mobile. Starts to load then goes to error.?

I'm having the same problem! It shows me the news feed for like a second then says "connection error" and when i click to refresh it doesn't work :/

Is anyone else having problems logging into facebook today on iPhone, orange network?

Yeh dont worry mate, its a problem with Orange and everyone is having it. I gather it will be sorted later today.It may have been where Facebook updated their Mobile App, or Privacy Settings, and d... Read More »


Playstation network error 8001050F?

It was a date which will live in infamy (within the gaming community). It was a day in which trophies were lost, in which we all jumped back in time and in which Xbox 360 owners felt universally sm... Read More »