"Ancient vegetarian cultures"--are there any examples?

Answer I know who you speak of. Their ignorance seems so great that it cannot genuine. I think that they are actually veg people that are trying to make omnis look bad or just create tension between the t... Read More »

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Fort Ancient Cultures for Kids?

The Fort Ancient culture is named after an archeological site in Ohio called Fort Ancient. The site consists of a village built inside of huge walls. Archeologists first assumed the walls and the v... Read More »

Who is your favorite Vegetarian/vegan troll and what are some examples of thier best work?

Oh I third Foxy!! What a laugh he was! My, how we chuckled at his funny little questions and his constant threats to report us to the internet watchdogs!! {sighs, and wipes a tear} How I miss hi... Read More »

Since I've been told a vegetarian diet is cheap, can someone give me examples of meals to eat for a day?

You can eat a very healthy vegetarian diet for very little money. Breakfast: Whole wheat toast with peanut butterOatmeal with bananas and peanut butterMost any kind of cereal with fruit (if you dr... Read More »

Are there cultures where a person doesn't wear clothing?

According to the Amazon Tribes website, there are about 75 nude primitive tribes--about 500,000 people--who live in the rain forests of the Amazon River Basin of South America. The different tribes... Read More »