Ancient Way of Reducing White Hair?

Answer Men and women alike will have to deal with white hair sooner or later in their lives. However, there are ancient methods of reducing the amount of white hair that a person develops. Using these met... Read More »

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What kind of treatment to use in reducing a white blood cell?

It depends on the cause of the increased white blood cells. If the count is abnormally high because of infection, the treatment is antibiotics. If the count is abnormally high because of leukemia... Read More »

Tips on Reducing Hair Falling Out?

Hair loss is an unpleasant experience that can be a result of many factors, including getting older, genetics, an unhealthy diet, illness or the use of chemicals on the head. With so many potentia... Read More »

What was the white lotus plant in ancient Egypt?

The ancient Egyptians believed that the lotus had the strong essence of the sun. Its petals are compared to the sun's rays, and therefore, the lotus is believed to be a symbol of enlightenment. Man... Read More »

How to Make Herbal Dandruff-Reducing Hair Rinse?

Herbal dandruff-reducing hair rinse is a simple, natural homemade rinse that uses ingredients that are easy to find in almost any health food store. The herbs in the mixture have powerful astringen... Read More »