Ancient Southwest Pottery & Art?

Answer The Native American people who originally lived on the North American continent made the earliest American art. In the Southwest, these were the Pueblo Indians, who lived in different tribes, accor... Read More »

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Ancient Pueblo Pottery?

Pottery made by Pueblo cultures in the Southwestern United States dates back 2,000 years, and it is made today in the same way it always has been. Potters roll clay into coils, shape it by hand to ... Read More »

How was ancient Greek pottery fired?

Clay was a major part of the ancient Greek culture, as this was the only material that the Greek people could make containers from. After being fired, clay is waterproof and virtually unbreakable (... Read More »

How was ancient Greek pottery made?

Ancient Greek pottery was both a functional and a decorative art. The few vases remaining today give us a peek at life 2,500 years ago. Remarkably, the methods the ancient Greeks used to shape thei... Read More »

When was the first pottery discovered in ancient Egypt?

Egyptian pottery from the Predynastic period 3500-3400 BC is part of the first pottery discovered in ancient Egypt. It was excavated by Henri de Morgan in 1907 at the village of Ma'mariya.Source:A... Read More »