Ancient Gothic Clothing?

Answer Gothic clothing emerged from the Early Gothic and Late Gothic periods. Early Gothic costumes (1200 to 1350) were flowing and elegant, whereas Late Gothic fashions (1350 to 1450) became stiff and mo... Read More »

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Ancient Gothic Hairstyles?

Modern goth culture takes much of its inspiration from the 18th and 19th century romantic gothic literature. Often seen as a reaction to industrialization, gothic and romantic novels were full of r... Read More »

Why does a lot of gothic clothing look cheap?

That's because most outlets that sell the real deal expect high prices for quality clothes, and because most Goths go for DIY when it comes to clothing.I personally love

Ancient Greece's Clothing & Hairstyles?

Ancient Greece was one of the cradles of civilization. They developed art, philosophy, poetry, drama and mathematics to sophisticated levels that are still studied today. The people of Athens devel... Read More »

What type of clothing did the ancient Kush wear?

The Kush Kingdom is an ancient civilization that flourished in the Nubian desert along the Upper Nile River Valley in what is now known as Sudan. The Kush Kingdom flourished between the second mill... Read More »