Anatomy 3G?

Answer Medical schools increasingly recommend or require their students to have iPhones or iPads. Some, such as Stanford University and University of California Irvine, distribute iPads to all incoming st... Read More »

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In Grey's Anatomy What Grey's anatomy star had a role on sesame street as private you?

Cardiac Anatomy?

Cardiac anatomy consists of the physical structure of the heart. According to Gray's Anatomy, one can describe the heart as "a hollow muscular organ of somewhat conical form," laying in the chest ... Read More »

Anatomy of Cow Horns?

Horns on cattle are used primarily for defense, or by males for fighting during mating season. Both females and males can have horns, depending on the particular breed. Probably the most famous hor... Read More »

How to Study Anatomy?

ANATOMY...THE BASIS of Medical College for MBBSEver wondered what the books of Anatomy have in it that makes the med school students scratch their brains and turn out their wits. Well here are few ... Read More »