Anastasia who is your mother and father how many siblings do you have?

Answer Ok. one assumes you mean Unsolved Case # l of the KGB! Name of Father- Czar Nicholas of Russia, Mother- Alexandra, Empress of Russia- Nee Alexandra Von Hess (of German background). siblings- Olga- ... Read More »

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If you have the same father but different mother are you half-siblings?

What if you have Same father different mother are you full siblings?

it depends on the would not be full siblings though you would be considered half siblingsBasically, you're just half-siblings, though you could tell people you were full siblings.

If you have the same father and different mother are you whole or half siblings?

Same mother but different father are they full or half siblings?

Half.FULL. If you have the same mother you are sisters/brothers. The child, if a non-bloodless delivery commingles with the mother's bodily fluid as well as blood, thus making the children with th... Read More »