An incredibly weird question....?

Answer Well in theory if you cauterize a wound with something like a hot piece of metal it will seal the wound temporarily and stop bleeding but infection is always a big concern. Back in the Civil war da... Read More »

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An incredibly hypothetical yet some what profound question?

I would not only give my life for this hypothetical but for many others including the end of war, abortion, slavery, rape, torture, greed and poverty, and about any other tremendous injustice you c... Read More »

This question is a weird question that only makes sense if you think oddly?

Your already there,,,, cus your Katy Perry? In CandyFornia?haha im so confused, please send me the answer(:

Just a weird question?

There is no such thing as a silly question.Your body stresses because of what you think about. The stress makes you "cringe." Making your muscles contract. This is normal, though people have diffe... Read More »

Ive got a weird question?

think of it this way, women have a vagina and butt hole, what is between them?