An element that is used in headphones?

Answer It really depends on the value of the headphones. If they're the mini type or earbud type, even though they're most likely repairable, unless they're worth more than a technician's wages for resol... Read More »

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Where can headphones be bought for a huawei ascend android phone if not then is there a jack that fits in it so that normal headphones can be used?

The headphone jack is 2.5mm. You can buy them from online. They are usually not sold in stores. Most preferred websites is or ebay..

What is the element that is used in swimming pools to keep out bacteria?

Sanitizer.There are many options of sanitizers for pools ex: chlorine, bromine, copper, etc...

I have a Samsung p2 and when ever you plug in the headphones you get no sound i have used headphones that i know work does anyone know how to fix it?

Wireless headphones that can be used for watching TV?

no not really they're only like10 bucks tops at target