An early learning center that emphasizes "product" over "process" would:?

Answer Well, I'm an artist who believes the process if far more important than the product.That said, the United States, as well as in most advanced economies, values the product. I'm not necessarily oppo... Read More »

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What would you suggest the task force recommend in order to gain control over this product movement process?

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How to Win over Early Adopters to Your Product?

Early adopters live, eat, and breathe the new out there in consumables. They don't want to be the last to know or try a new gadget, design, or latest thing; they want to be at the forefront and sho... Read More »

Does anybody remember the name of that Spanish 'Sesame Street' that aired on PBS during the 70's and early 80's where a guy would yell Enrique and a bunch of little kids would run out of a building?

You are correct. There was a tv program that might be classified as a Spanish language ( Seasame Street). I believe it was called Carrascolendas My Spanish is not very good, but seem to recall the ... Read More »

Why Is Product Analysis Critical in the New Product Development Process?

The process of product analysis can take many forms, but it generally involves a series of questions and answers surrounding an existing product, or one in some stage of development. Product analys... Read More »