An activity for children that uses all 5 five senses?

Answer get an egg touch to see if its soft or hard like this you use your touching sense.then break the egg and hear when it cracks like this you use your hearing sense .then look how does it look like wh... Read More »

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How to Encourage Children to Learn Using Five Senses?

In the first several years of life, children learn about the world primarily through their five senses. Sight, sound, touch, taste and smell allow them to explore their environment, experience new ... Read More »

Why is it important to provide opportunities for children to use their senses?

Multisensory learning improves a child's retention of what s/he is being taught.It makes the entire experience fun & interesting, thus increasing motivation & sustaining interest.The attention span... Read More »

How to Describe a 3D Art Activity for Children?

Three-dimensional art activities are important for children to learn about spatial concepts. Block play and other building toys are early ways for children to learn about spatial awareness and othe... Read More »

Sprouting Activity With Children?

A popular classroom activity -- planting seeds and watching plants sprout -- teaches students and young children how fruit, vegetables and flowers grow and what they need to survive. When teaching ... Read More »