An Opiate Addict: When Do the Withdrawals Start?

Answer Detoxifying from an opiate addiction causes a series of withdrawal symptoms that serve as a reaction to the drug leaving the person's body. According to a 2005 update by the Harvard Medical School'... Read More »

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How long do opiate withdrawals last?

Opiate withdrawal occurs when heavy opiate users abruptly stop or dramatically cut down their opiate intake. The effects of withdrawal can last anywhere from three to six days, depending on how muc... Read More »

When do mutual funds provide for their year-end withdrawals?

Shareholders can withdraw mutual fund shares at any time. However, most mutual fund companies typically make capital gains distributions in December, before the end of the year. This prevents taxat... Read More »

When should I allow addict parents to have custody of a child?

On One Hand: Addicted Parents Can Be Successful in RecoveryWhen an addictive parent is demonstrating active sobriety, custody of his child should be returned if it is in the best interest of the ch... Read More »

Why are doctors so reluctant to give out Opiate type painkillers when they only type that work on real pain?

you need to visit a pain clinic that specializes in pain medsand to answer your question, regular docs are hounded by the state for "" over prescribing "" .....pain meds! that's why you need to go ... Read More »