An Explanation of Tire Balance Numbers?

Answer When you take your vehicle to have new tires put on, the wheels must be balanced to the tires. Tire balancing requires a certain amount of weight to be applied to a specific area of the wheel. Whee... Read More »

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Explanation of Tire Rim Width?

There are two main measurements of a rims size. The diameter, which is essentially the height of the rim, and the width. The width of the rim will determine how wide of a tire you can install.

When Should Tire Balance Be Done?

There's nothing more annoying than a vibrating vehicle, especially at highway speeds. Many people are not aware that an improperly balanced tire can produce such vibrations. Tires can become unbala... Read More »

How to Check a Tire for Balance?

Performing a balance service on your tires is crucial to prolonging the life of the tires. Balancing also makes your car drive more smoothly; when your tires are out of balance, your car becomes ha... Read More »

How do they balance a motorcycle tire?

Motorcycle tires must be balanced after they are changed. You can either balance the tires yourself or have a professional do them at the same time as they are changed.BasicsMotorcycle tires have a... Read More »