An Award System for Children in School to Help Them Want to Behave?

Answer Encouraging good behavior in children in the classroom is sometimes difficult. Offering an incentive for good behavior will teach children proper classroom etiquette as well as encourage them to ke... Read More »

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When you really want to make your kids behave, do you threaten to ground them, or friend them on facebook?

I threaten to quit my job and go to school with them.And I tell them that I WILL answer questions in class and make comments.

I bought a pair a flats i want 2 wear them but i also want 2 be able 2 return them.?

Ok Blanche make sure you also can re attach the tags and just use packing tape to keep the bottoms clean. Blanche was a character in the golden girls, she often wore and took back clothing.

Why did he want to help these children?

Cutting is seen by most everyone as a serious mental and physical health problem. So, take a breath, and get the help you need. Honesty that it is happening is the first step. It may not be easy to... Read More »

Reproductive System of a Flower for School Children?

Flowers are the reproductive organs of some plants. Flowers have both male and female reproductive organs. The male reproductive part is called the stamen, which includes the anther and the filamen... Read More »