An Award System for Children in School to Help Them Want to Behave?

Answer Encouraging good behavior in children in the classroom is sometimes difficult. Offering an incentive for good behavior will teach children proper classroom etiquette as well as encourage them to ke... Read More »

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Reproductive System of a Flower for School Children?

Flowers are the reproductive organs of some plants. Flowers have both male and female reproductive organs. The male reproductive part is called the stamen, which includes the anther and the filamen... Read More »

How to Behave So Your Children Will Too?

A lot of children grow up badly and immaturely because of their parent's maturity. This article tells you how to not get into bad habits and raise your children well.

How to Have Children Behave at a Formal Event?

If your children aren't always angels think twice before taking them to a special or formal event.An adult event such as a wedding or funeral may not be the best place to bring a child. Here are so... Read More »

Do children behave better when their homes are neat and clean?

i agree that parenting has everything to do with better behaved children. Your MIL may be referring to Qi and Feng-Shui (without realizing) That when things are in order, the energy or Qi should fl... Read More »