An Arabian Nights story title is 'The Story of the Enchanted .....'?

Answer The Story of the Enchanted Night

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Is Arabian nights a shipwrecked story?

The Arabian nights consist of many stories all of different themes.But there are some that do involve a shipwreck,such as the voyages of sinbad.

What is the moral of the story of Aladdin in the tale Arabian Nights?

The moral of the original Middle-Eastern tale 'Arabian Nights' is that greatness and strength comes from within, not from without. This is demonstrated by Aladdin's bravery and intelligence despite... Read More »

I need a title for my vampire story help?

BloodtiesVampire HuntersWeb of BloodRed/Blood moonChains of liesFood chain (haha- jks)It's complicatedBlood relationsBloody brillianceLife of a VampireGwen with the WindI, SethLove's Transformation... Read More »

How to Create a Good Story Title?

Writing...What if you decided to send your work into a publisher? You'd want an attention-grabbing title to, well, grab the attention of those who would consider putting your ideas in print, wouldn... Read More »