An Air Mass That Develops Over Water?

Answer Air masses are responsible for creating the weather over the United States and other land. These large bodies of air shape the temperatures and precipitation that impact daily weather. Air masses t... Read More »

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What is the organ called that the baby develops in the mother?

What are the major benefits of salt water pools over chlorinated ones if you suffer from psoriasis and research suggests that it would be better to have a salt water pool?

Answer For one reason, saltwater pools use a special salt to keep your pool clean without the irritating burn of chlorinated pool water that you accidentally get in your eyes sometimes. Another rea... Read More »

When Apple develops goggles that will allow us to activate aps simply by looking at the appropriate spot...?

I want a pair with an arrow you click by blinking your left and right eye.And scroll using a tongue wheel.RScott

What do you call the water faucet in a gourmet kitchen that is over the range?

The name of the water faucet that is found plumbed over a kitchen range is a pot-filler faucet. Pot-filler faucets, colloquially referred to as pasta or kettle faucets, are designed for convenient... Read More »