Amuse me.. what is a website you visit on a daily basis!?


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What website(s) do you visit daily?

LOL!!!Yeah, last night Redtube got hacked by those turkish website hackers and they are anti porn hackers apparently!LOL!!!It's been fixed though now!!Anyway, I useyahoohotmailgmail also!youtubeeba... Read More »

What does an infantryman do on a daily basis in Afghanistan?

There are many brick and mortar colleges and universities that have online programs that are eligible for Post 911 GI Bill. There are educational institutions that are ranked "Best Colleges" by U.... Read More »

At what age did you start wearing foundation on a daily basis?

When I turned 14 I started wearing a tinted moisturizer to even out my skin tone, and light powder to set it. I'm almost 17 now, and I use a light coverage foundation instead of the tinted moisturi... Read More »

What do special forces do on a daily basis in garrison?

Most likely, the same as any other unit would do in garrison - maintenance and recovery, classroom instruction, inspections, that sort of thing.