Amplifier output?

Answer I have used a Audison LRx 1.400 rated at 900 watt 1 ohm. It powered 4 MTX Blaxx (German Version) 12" very well. Great deal for $400.

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Which is a receiver amplifier with only a stereo output?

Even given the great interest in surround sound, two-channel stereo receivers (stereo output), which integrate a tuner, preamplifier and power amplifier in one box, remain widely available from bot... Read More »

I need help finding an amplifier for my logistic Lx310 surround sound can somebody tell me what amplifier i ne?

I cant find any Info on the model & number you gave all i come up with are logitech and numbers are wrong.Need More information.If you are are meaning Logitech MX530 or similar surround.They are di... Read More »

Can i run 3 monitors with my ATI 6700 HD series it has a HDMI output and a dvi and vga output all in one card?

Input 0 output 2 input 1 output 4 input 2 output 6 input 3 output 8 input 4 output 10 please find the rule?