Amnesia wont work for me please help me to fix it?

Answer Graphics cards are soldered to the motherboard in most laptops. You don't replace the graphics card - you can replace the driver (for free) or replace the whole motherboard (not free and not usual... Read More »

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Please help! TV wont work?

This is how they die. In the old days tv's lasted 20 years. Modern ones last 3 years. The repair is $400..

I have a laptop its a Pavilion G7 and the wifi wont work. Please Help!!?

wifi isn't the same as the web. You use wifi to connect to a wireless network, and can only access the www if that network has internet access via an Internet Service Provider.Use control panel to ... Read More »

I'v just refilled my ink cartridge and reset it and it still wont work, please help!?

OK two reason, either the holes need cleaning on the cartridge if this is the case, put some maths (metholated spirts) into a saucer, you don't need much a table spoon or so, and let the cartridge ... Read More »

When I hit the home button on your Datel turbo fire 2 wireless controller it blinks once then goes off and wont work help please?

It depends Which model of the xbox you have, mods work like 70% of the time on the new xbox controller, a good solution - dont resort to mods