Ametrine Facts?

Answer Ametrine is a quartz crystal with purple and yellow components. The purple part of ametrine is amethyst, while the yellow part is citrine. Ametrine is a durable, inexpensive crystal suitable for a ... Read More »

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What country does ametrine come from?

Ametrine comes from the country of Bolivia in South America. Most of it comes from the Anahi Mine, which dates back to the 17th century. Ametrine is a gemstone with characteristics similar to citri... Read More »

Characteristics of Ametrine?

Ametrine is a bicolored gemstone composed of citrine and amethyst that is naturally mined and synthetically produced for use in jewelry and ornaments. It was first introduced to Europe from the Ame... Read More »

How to Evaluate Ametrine Gems?

An ametrine is formed when an amethyst formation and a citrine formation are blended into a single crystal. Ametrine is a type of bi-color quartz that looks purple and yellow when it reflects the l... Read More »

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